Over-sized Head dress Crown Hair and Feather Topknots

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007 crown left side1200Crowns Feather Topknots

Top off your Kachina mask with an oversized crown hair and feather topknot head dress

These crown, hair and feather topknots and headdress mask parts are split into two parts because they are too large to fit on one sheet of paper to fit the construct-a-mask format images. Print each side individually then color, cut out and paste to each side of the formatted construct-a-mask template images to create a large headdress for the mask. Print masks and parts on card stock for best results.

Use other materials for creating collars and neck pieces. Trace the mask parts onto colorful foam sheets for creating soft face masks. Try creating collars from leaves, feathers and cloth.

Color Book Hair and Feather Topknots