002 eyes1200Eyes and Eye Slits

Parts for Constructing Masks

Color book printable examples of the various styles of eyes that appear on Hopi Kachina dolls and mask. Mix and match different shapes to create new and unique kachina masks or refer to the historic examples to re-create an authentic-looking design. These are elementary or beginning level color book renditions of fairly common kachina types created for young children to enjoy and become familiarize with native American culture.

These decorative eyes and eye slits mask parts are all formatted to fit the construct-a-mask template images provided the images are all printed the same size and shape. For best results, print masks and parts on card stock because you'll want stiffer backing for the mask than flimsy paper.

Experiment with other materials for creating masks such as colorful foam sheets on which you can trace the various mask decorations to make soft face masks.