006 blank1200Undecorated Doll Templates

 Blank doll format for creating your own designs. Print and decorate your doll in the manner of the spirit it represents, or just get creative and make up your own mask. Imagine a theme for a personal Kachina spirit then decorate with markers, crayons, feathers, colored felt, foam, fur or beads to add dimension and realism to your color book creation. Print and trace the designs onto multi-color fun craft foam sheets to create pliable and colorful soft face masks. Use left over trimmings of foam pieces to cut and paste intricate designs and shapes onto the mask.

Kachinas represent spiritual beings in the Hopi religion and are believed to live on the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona. Native American Hopi and Zuñi Pueblo Indian perform religious ceremonies in which masked men (never women) impersonate supernatural beings.

Color Book Katsina Doll Figures

Small carved "Tihus" or dolls are made by Hopi Pueblo Indians to represent these supernatural beings, carved, painted and decorated and given to young girls by their fathers or uncles (usually). These color book images are just a small representation of the hundreds of kachinas in existence.