Sosoyohim Yotam Kachinum

Indian Kachinas

tutumsiSosoyohim Yotam Kachinum or Indian kachinas represent the essence, luck, power or any other prominent attribute of neighboring tribes of indians for which they are named.

Since these kachinas are not accurate portrayals of other Indian tribes they could be thought of as characterizations or stereotypical designs. The Indian kachinas generally appear as uncles in the Plaza and Mixed Dances.

Kachina types may cross match into one or more group since many kachinas are multi-faceted with numerous responsibilities and roles. Print and trace the designs onto multi-color fun craft foam sheets to create pliable and colorful soft face masks. Use left over trimmings of foam pieces to cut and paste intricate designs and shapes onto the mask.

Sosoyohim Yotam Masks

For best results print on heavy duty vellum paper or card stock. All paper mask designs are printable on regular or heavy duty 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Print landscape mode for larger masks, portrait setting for smaller masks.

Each kachina mask pattern has a brief overview of the Hopi religious and ceremonial meaning and purpose of the design plus links to one or more existing native American kachina doll photo or drawing. Many kachinas can belong to more than one group or category, for example, a chief kachina can also be a clown or a runner, and might be listed in those categories as well. Children can decorate the masks using their own imagination or refer to the the photos of actual native American designs and make the masks come to life with stories and song.

Sosoyohim Yotam Kachinum - Cohonino Supai Konin

tutumsi-comanchesupai-konin-striped-hornsTutumsi Comanche

The purpose of the Comanche (Komantsi or Tutumsi) is to honor the Comanche warrior. Tutumsi Comanche Kachina sometimes appears at the Mixed Dances. There are several different versions of the Comanche kachina.