Multiple Sets Ornaments

set016 1200Color Book Ornament Sets

Print sets of mix and match large and small ornaments to decorate for holidays or events.  Transform the office cubicle, schoolroom, home and party place into wonderlands of colorful holiday flair with these interesting holiday and event patterns.  Patterns can be applied to mediums orhte than paper.  Print patterns onto card stock or stiff paper then trace patterns onto aluminum foil sheets of various colors to affix to the stiff paper to make the perfect holiday tree display.  Trace onto soft colorful foam sheets or felt squares for soft decorations mixed with  both solid colors and glittered sheets.
Use hole punch to create the hole for strings, hangers or yarn to hang the decorations (or self-stick removable tape to affix to walls and windows).

These ornament printable omages are a mixture of various shapes and sizes of Christmas cheer baubles, candy canes, Christmas Trees, snowmen and cute animal shaped ornaments. Print on shrink wrap material and color then bake to create beautiful sun catcher hanging window displays or tree decorations. Print on magnet sheets or decal material to plaster your refrigerator or windows with Christmas spirit.

Hang the ornaments on a Christmas tree, in windows, or anywhere bright colorful decorations are desired. Construct a large paper wall-tree with shades of green construction paper, or draw a large tree format on a sheet of easel pad paper to tack onto a wall or other flat surface.

Printable Sets of Paper Ornament Patterns

Print these sets of ornaments on regular paper or heavy-duty card stock.