Hats and Caps

striped brim beanie1200Hat and Caps, Crowns and Beanies

This was a fun project. I started out just illustrating some simple beanies that people might want to use for holiday and Christmas ornament patterns. Eventually I became a bit bored with beanies, so I looked for other types of hats.

That's probably why this section is a bit large, I found so many different hat types it was hard to quit! Now the section is filled to the brim (pardon the pun) with Stetsin, Bowlers, Cowboys and Calvary hats just to name a few.

Hats are defined as head coverings. Hats have many purposes. Hard hats serve to protect the head in construction zones. A wide brimmed cowboy hat helps keeps away the sun and rain. Many occupations require employees to wear hats for identification to show rank and status. Military service personnel wear hats which designate their particular branch of service. Some religious orders use hats to indicate rank or hierarchy in the group.

Make a Christmas "hat tree" with ornaments printed and decorated with bright holiday colors. Trace the patterns onto foam sheets or use as patterns to make cloth ornaments.

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