Mind Map Critical Thinking

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Part I of the Decision Grid calls upon individuals to rely upon memory alone to answer the question posed.

Part II players receive Card #1 from their immediate neighbor to incorporate another persons description and apply to their own concepts, memory, experiences and stereotypical paradigms.

Card #2  Introduces potentially new concepts for individuals to consider as potential new data to add to knowledge and memory that currently applies to the meaning of the word "rose.

Brand New Question:

You select your neighbor's card and see the word "Crystal" as an entirely new concept as applied to the word Rose.

Question:  What is the meaning of the new word ___Crystal_____?

As in Part I, the individual envisions and responds to the meaning of the question through the filters of their own "Plinko Brain" matrixes.   Send the new word through your Plinko-Brain filter to see what mental images, memories come to mind with the word "crystal" in relation to "rose."



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