Mix and Match Mask Noses, Eyes, Ears and Other Accessories

Make a Hopi Kachina doll or mask with printable designs in "Paper Kachina Masks for Young Children." Elementary or beginning level color book renditions of common and known kachina types created for young children to enjoy and become familiarize with native American culture.

Mix and match, color and paste these mask decorations onto Construct A Mask template images to create your own, unique kachina masks.

Some materials you can use to decorate your Kachina mask:

Construct-A-Mask Child Craft Patterns

Miscellaneous Decorations

Beards and Facial Hair

Neck Liners or Collars

Ears, Side Panels and Antennae

Various Eye Decorations to Cut and Paste

Paper Feathers for Decorating Masks

Hair Whorls and Fluffs

Animal Horns and Antlers

Snouts and Mouths

Wings and Wing Panels

Oversized Crown Toppers

Crown Topper Head Dresses