Gift Wrap Print Yourself Scissor Craft Images


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This idea came to me as it was nearing Christmas and I had purchased a supply of stocking stuffers for the grand kids but had forgotten to pick up the wrapping paper. It occurred to me that I could create some of my own gift wrap fairly easily using my already colored images.

The plan worked. I printed out about 20 sheets and wrapped each gift in its own unique paper. I would be willing to bet the kids never noticed their gift wrap was personally illustrated by their old granny!

Printable Gift Wrap or Back Ground Images


Printable giftwrap can be used to wrap food and candy gifts. ScissorCraft's printable gift wrap contents are really nothing more than simple web page backgrounds consisting of the thumbnail images available for printing throughout these web sites. The background image for Scissorcraft, for instance, with the ice cream cones reindeer and air balloons is available as printable gift wrap below with pink and blue background themes. Print at home or anywhere there is a printer available. Most color printers are set up to print background images. You may have to set your printer to print images and web page backgrounds.

I've got thousands more of these back ground images for printing at my other site Paper Gift Wrap that contains hundreds of themes to choose from. Plus a great section for children to print out coloring book style wrapping paper to decorate to their heart's desire.

Cool Background Images for Making Gift Wrapping